How To Change The Font In Android Smartphones Easily

Various types of Font On Your Android Phone are a more important part of every mobile interface. Because it brings you a new look to your Android devices. Commonly, all the Android device come with the default font set. So every Android user can change The Font On their Android Phone as their wish. Really, font represents a big role in the overall user interface design on each Android devices. Thus, if you wish to Change The Font On Your Android Phone, you can do it by following the below methods properly. We’ll show you How To Change The Font On Your Android Phone.

How To Change The Font On Your Android Phone

Apply the already built in Fonts on your Android phones.

With the help of the pre-installed a few extra fonts on your Android phones, you can easily change fonts of your Android phones. Indeed, if you want to change on a new font, you can go the device Settings>>Display >>Font Style to take a new look on your Android interface such as the time on the system menus, status bar, either on your text messages. So you can select any name of the font style what you want and confirm it to set as your system font. Finally, you will see the Font replacement instantly. So this is the easiest way to change The Font On Your Android Phone.

Change Font On Android

How To Changing Font Style with Apex Launcher

If you want to change your Android front, you can use the custom launcher apps on your Android phones because it helps to display your font changes consistently. Absolutely, Apex Launcher is the most popular third-party launchers app to change fonts on your phone’s home screen. No matter, this app is available in Google Play. Once you installed this smart app on your Android device it adds two icons to your home screens such as Apex Menu and Apex Settings.

  1. Now Click on the Apex Settings.Apex Settings
  2. Then select the Advanced Settings.Apex Launcher Advanced Settings
  3. Found the Icon Settings menu.
  4. Now click on the Icon Font to select the font whatever you want.Apex Icon Font
  5. Finally, the chosen font will automatically update the icon labels only for your device home screen and app menu.

How To Changing Font Style with GO Launcher

GO Launcher is also a well-design alternative custom launcher that gives an ability to change fonts for Android phone. If you are planning to change your mobile font style with the use of GO Launcher, go through the below following steps.

  1. Download and installed the GO Launcher app
  2. choose Go Launcher Settings
  3. Tap on Preferences icon
  4. Now click on FontGo Launcher Font Change
  5. Tap Select Font and Choose the font you likeGo Launcher Fonts
  6. Finally, GO Launcher app will automatically set the font style you choose.

Install the different font apps

Wanna get a new appearance to your Android phone, you can download an app specifically designed to change the font such as HiFont, iFont or Font Fix and more. With the help of these apps, you can change your Android device font with full advantage of them. No mess, you can download all of these apps from the Google Play Store.  

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