How To Change The Google Assistant Voice Easily

Are you bored with the default voice of your Google Assistant? Don’t be anxious, we have good news for them. Actually, now you have a very lucky chance to change your Google Assistant voice whatever you want. So this is the best time you can say goodbye to your default voice of your Google Assistant. Nowadays, Google has released the tons of a new Google Assistant voice to the public. From here we are going to explain “How to change your Google Assistant voice” without facing any difficulties. Really, this is not a very hard process but the process is depending on whether you choose Assistant voice on your smartphone or other devices. However, there is all the process of How to change your Google Assistant voice on your handsets. So let’s see how we can do it.

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About Google Assistant voice

Simply, the Google Assistant voice helps you to use voice commands to control your devices whatever you need. Which means this is a Google’s voice-controlled smart assistant for your Google Home, smartphones, and so many other devices. Especially that was most efficient to get quick answers on your questions by just say “Ok Google” with a long press the home button. Mainly, the Google Assistant voice comes with a female synthesized voice by default voice. But if you want something new voice to your smartphone, seriously now you can get the wonderful changes to a male voice. Really, most of the people hope the Google Assistant voice can’t change. But it is wrong. Because at Google I/O 2018, it was revealed that Google Assistant has been coming with the six new voices. So that now you can change your Google Assistant voice as a male or female voice.

What is the available Google Assistant voice?

As the best fan of the Google Assistant voice, you may need to know what are the new Google Assistant voice are available for your smart devices. So that we hope to give some main Google Assistant voice from here.

  • Female voices are: Red, Amber, Cyan, Purple.
  • Male voices are Orange, Green, Blue, Pink.

How to change your Google Assistant voice on phone or tablet?

  1. If you are an iOS or Android phone or tablet devices users, you just need to touch and hold the Home button on your devices and say “OK Google.” to activate the Google Assistant.change google assistant voice
  2. Now you will see the popup window and there is the blue icon in the top upper-right corner of the screen.change google assistant voice 2
  3. Click on the blue icon and then you can click on the triple-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  4. Now you have to select the Settings option from the drop-down list.
  5. Next, tap on the Preferences.
  6. Then click the Assistant Voice option.change google assistant voice 4
  7. Finally, you will see the list of the Google Assistant voice and try to find out the best voice for your smart devices.change google assistant voice 5

We are sure that this article was helpful to change your Google Assistant voice as you love! However, if you have any problem, you can comment it from the below box.

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