Ten Awesome Google Lens Features That You Should Aware

What do you think about Google Lens? Yes, we know that you have several types of answer for that. It doesn’t matter, because from here you can take the perfect idea of the Google Lens and also Ten awesome things you can do with Google Lens.

What is exactly Google Lens?

Google Lens is the latest trend of Android devices. Yes, as you think, Google launches the AI-powered technology to your Android Smart Camara with Pixel-exclusive feature. Which means Google introduce an image recognition mobile app for your Android devices in 2017.  

google lens apk

Therefore, all Android phones have the chance to use Google Lens. All the Android users can take the full deep learning routines, Image Analysis Toolset and more other benefits from this app. So this is a super useful app to your Android smart devices. If you feel interested to know the variety of things you can do with Google Lens so you can follow the below Ten awesome things you can do with Google Lens.

Ten awesome things you can do with Google Lens


  1. You can collect contact information


If you need to take the business card contact details, with the help of the google Lens-equipped camera, you can take the phone number and address of the card. Surely while this process you wonder its feature because that info adds to a contact on your phone. Yes, There is a great opportunity to add captured contact details because of its web search about the location at that address to your phone contact.

google lens business card

  1. Copy Text directly

You can use this Google Lens to copy text from the real world without any issues. With means, if you need to copy some text, you just need to point your camera at the text and go to the Google Lens mode. Then continue the popup step and drag to select if you need to copy. Now you just need to click on the ‘Copy text’ button of the Google Lens.

google lens copy text

  1. Easily you can find out the points of your interest

Once you take a picture of cairn or building or whatever object, Google Lens give all the information about whatever you captured things. It means you can know all the details of its structure’s construction, who are the owner of this building or architectural design and more other important things.

google lens building

  1. Identify the kind of Flowers, Animals, Paintings, and more other things easily

Google Lens is one and only this you can take all necessary information about the kind of Flowers, Animals, Paintings, and more other things easily. If you need to know some details about an unknown flower, animals, paintings, and more other stuff of your captured photos, using Google Lens to pick out what it is.

google lens flowers animals paintings

  1. Use as a scanner

This is one of the most interesting features of this amazing app on your Android device because you can use Google Lens as your scanner. Yes, now you can take the scans bar codes and QR codes on products easily.

google lens barcode qr

  1. Identify Brands including vehicle Mobles

Wish to know everything about your dream vehicle once you see it, you can get everything about it with Google Lens. You just need to take a snapshot using Google Lens and then click on the Lens icon to research about it.

google lens brands

  1. See Restaurant Ratings

Need to know the bunch of restaurants which is the rating shop, Google Lens can help to find out it. You hist need to point your Google Lens at the store-fronts and then the Google Maps search the ratings of the pointed Restaurant.

google lens restaurant ratings

  1. Add Events to Google Calendar

You need to add an event to your Google Calendar, you just need to use Google Lens that accepts a date in an image. Absolutely that is an awesome option to add an event directly without having to open your Google Calendar. Not only that there is an option to text selection and also share option.

google lens events calendar

  1. Find music

As a regular fan of the music, you need to find out the old music cover. So now you have the latest app to found it. Yes, with Google Lens, you want to snap a picture of the cover and then your Google Lens quickly give all the info about it.

google lens music

  1. Get Information About Books, Movies, and Artworks

Looking at your favorite books and movies, you can point your Google Lens towards a book cover to see the reviews, a summary, ratings, purchase link and more other details of it’s. Even though, you can take every detail about movies as well.

google lens books movies artworks

Does my device also have Google Lens?

Absolutely, yes. Every Android device comes with this app and you just need to open your Google Photos app and then open a photo on it. Now you will see the Google Lens icon on the bottom of your picture. If it is not,  you can update your device and then you will see the Google Lens app on your Google Photos app.

How to check my Google Lens Activity

If you need to know you’re Google Lens Activity, just open the Google Lens app and there is a settings option. Then you can see the  “Web & App Activity” option and turn on it. Now you can see the Google Lens activity and it will save to your Google account too.


Regarding the above facts, you can learn the plenty of fact about the Google Lens and Ten awesome things you can do with Google Lens. Try to use these Google Lens app in your daily life to take a lot of benefit without any doubt. So we are sure that it’ll better for you. Don’t waste your valuable time and try these awesome features no more mess. If you have any question, you can comments down below box and we will help you to solve down it immediately.

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