10 Things That You Can Do To Improve Android Battery Life

Around the world, there are 1000++ people have a tendency to use smartphones to spend the bored time of their free time as well as do the day today works easier. Among the lots of OS running device, Android is the top-rated Android OS in the society. Also, Android has become more and more strong year by year.  As a regular customer of the Android device, you may always worry about the Android Battery Life of your smartphones and tablets. This is the most common issue of ever Android users.

10 Things That You Can Do To Improve Android Battery Life

Although, the modern smart device comes up with the more powerful cameras,  Auto Sync feature, a large amount of RAM and more other features. Sometimes these are the drawbacks to your Android Battery Life. Indeed, if you are already looking the perfect way How To Improve Android Battery Life, we think that’s why you’re there. Follow the below content to know the ideal solution to improve Android battery performance of your Android smartphone.  

10 Tips To Improve Android Battery Life

  1. Change to the Dark Side

Change To The Android Dark Theme

If you need to improve your Android device Battery Life performances, you can use a dark theme to enhance your Android battery life. Because your Android device has become with an OLED screen and its backgrounds lower your Battery power. However, if you can use any dark wallpaper or the system-wide dark theme, enabling the night mod on well-suited apps and more other things then you have the great chance to increase your Android Battery Life on your smartphones and tablet devices.

  1. Turn Off Automatic Wi-Fi

Turn Off Automatic Wi-Fi

Once you can Turn Off Automatic Wi-Fi settings that would be a great opportunity to increase your Android device battery life. The reason is, Android usually come with open Wi-Fi networks that searching for new networks at regular time periods. If you can Turn Off Automatic Wi-Fi on your Android device Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi and uncheck the Turn on Wi-Fi automatically option that would be the best solution to improve Android battery life.

  1. Turn off animations

Turn off animations

When you switch on Animations of your smart devices, fortunately, that may be a chance to lower your Android battery life. Really, this is another factor influence for your device battery life. To solve it, you can go to the Settings>>About phone and tap on ‘Build number‘ a few times and there will find three options such as ‘Window animation scale,’ ‘Transition animation scale,’ and ‘Animator duration scale.’ Now you can turn off them to improved Android battery life.

  1. Disable Google Assistant

Disable Google Assistant

Another factor to improved Android battery life is you can Disable Google Assistant. Which means Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant which yields up your phone’s energy. To disable Google Assistant, you have to go to the Google app ->More tab->Settings -> Assistant tab -> tap your phone’s name-> Turn off the Google Assistant option. Then you can improve Android Battery Life on your Android smart devices.

  1. Deduct email, Twitter, Facebook more other social media polling

Deduct email, Twitter, Facebook more other social media polling

All of us willing to use social media sites usually. But while you are using them you may have lots of experience of lowering the device battery performance instantly. However, you can set your different messaging apps to “manual” for the polling or refresh frequency. This is the best option you can upgrade Android Battery Life on your Android smart devices. So try to deduct email, Twitter, Facebook more other social media polling.

  1. Use the extra power saving mode

Use the extra power saving mode

Ultra Power Saving and Extreme Power Saving modes are the most important feature we have to extend the Android battery life on Android devices. Because it helps to limit the phone apps to messaging, phone calls, Web browsing, Facebook and more simple app to your home screen. For that, you can use your low remaining percentage points of the mobile battery for extra hours either a day.

  1. Disable Sync Settings

Disable Sync Settings In Android

When your Android device enabling the auto-sync option that is a most serious case of the lowering your device battery life. Mainly different kind of synchronization processes run in the background on your Android device. Then it may harm to your battery life. So that you can go to the sync services on your device’s Settings>>Accounts and disable Automatically sync data options. Now you can use your Android device to save you battery life.

  1. Limit Apps Running in the Background

Limit Apps Running in the Background

As you know that you exit from your Android Apps, but the apps that run on your Android phone.

While these apps are running in the background, your device battery was lower down. For that, if you can find out the mobile Settings on your Android and click on the Apps & Notifications on there. Then click on the Advanced and tap on Battery. Now you will see the Background restriction to limit Apps Running in the Background. In addition, you can use a third-party app named Greenify which allows stopping apps automatically from the running apps in the background. So remembering to keep clearing your recent panel usually.

  1. Offline Google Maps whenever possible

Offline Google Maps whenever possible

Google Maps app is the most important app which we can use to find the various location to travel and save it locally on your device too. If you can use the offline Google Maps option from the left navigation bar to select your own map by choosing your location by zooming in or out by helping the navigation box provided, that would help you to save your valuable battery life. Yes, this is the most important to you because all of the people willing to trave every ware using Google Maps but they have you save the battery of their smart device during that traveling times.

  1.  Turn down the brightness and turn off Automatic Brightness

Turn down the brightness and turn off Automatic Brightness

If you are using a higher brightness display of your Android device screen, sadly that is the case your device battery life. But if you can use a low brightness display you can improve the battery life of your android devices. Also, keep remembering to turn off Automatic Brightness by selecting the Settings, then tap on “Display” and you’ll see the “Auto-Brightness option to turn off Automatic Brightness.

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